CHUDLEIGH REGION - Approx 50 minutes from the Balmoral on York

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MOLE CREEK CAVES     Only a short 60 minute drive from Launceston.   Summer or winter, the climate never changes inside the Mole Creek Caves, so it's a perfect place to visit year round. Temperature is 9 degrees, so dress warmly and wear comfortable walking shoes. The interpretive tours last 45 minutes and are conducted every day of the year, except Christmas Day
WALLS OF JERUSALEM     Mole Creek is the closest town to the Walls of Jerusalem National Park, part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.   The most popular walk is a full day hike which will take you to the 'Walls' from the carpark on Mersey Forest Road. The track climbs steeply at first and there are landmarks along the way for those wanting a shorter walk - Trappers Hut (2 hours return), Solomons Jewels (4 hours return), through Herods Gate to Lake Salome (8 hours return) and Damascus Gate (9 hours return).
TROWUNNA NATIONAL PARK Situated between the Mole Creek Caves and the Chudleigh Honey Farm.   More than just a wildlife park, Trowunna is a wildlife sanctuary and many of the animals and birds which roam freely everywhere have declined to leave after rescue and rehabilitation, or have simply invited themselves in
CHUDLEIGH HONEY FARM Only a short 45 minute drive from Launceston and nestled under the Great Western Tiers mountain range, the vibrant cartoon bees adorning the building are difficult to miss. Inside you will be taken on a journey of discovery into the amazing world of the honeybee. There are over 50 different honeys to taste, from single origin honeys, such as Tasmanian Leatherwood, to indulgent gourmet delights like the rich Honey Chocolate Paste