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TAMAR ISLAND WETLANDS The Tamar Island Wetlands is a unique reserve just ten minutes drive from Launceston and is a nice spot for lovers of nature and particularly bird watchers. From the car park at Lucks Flats there is a gravel track to the boardwalk. The wide, level boardwalk of about 500 metres is suitable for pedestrians, prams and wheelchairs (no bikes), and extends over the swamps and crosses the river to two islets and finally Tamar Island.
ARTISAN GALLERY The gallery is housed in a former apple-packing shed which dates from a time when the surrounding area was planted extensively with apple orchards. Rudolf and Lisa also run their ceramics studio from the premises and visitors can see the artists at work most days. The gallery offers the work of artisans from Tasmania and other parts of Australia. All items are chosen for the quality of their materials and workmanship.
BEACONSFIELD MINES Amongst other things such as a journet through the Tamar Valley history, Beaconsfield Mine Rescue display tells the story of the extraordinary events that occurred in April 2006 when a rockfall occurred at the Beaconsfield Gold Mine.   Featured are a relpica tunnel and cage and the contribution of the community and professional services are acknwowledged through this display.
PLATYPUS HOUSE This is an amazing Tasmanian natural living world experience not to be missed. Platypus House offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch both live platypuses and echidnas in daylight and undercover!  Beautiful, majestic, mysterious and darn right odd are possible descriptions of the platypus. Here is an animal whose general structure puts it somewhere on a level with reptiles and birds and at the same time suggests a closer relationship to those animals we call mammals which have fur coats, four legs and produce milk to feed their babies
SEAHORSE WORLD The mystical seahorse has always been a source of immense attraction. However, through fishing and habitat destruction, their numbers globally have dwindled. Seahorse World at Beauty Point, Northern Tasmania, is a unique facility designed to both conserve this creature, and to provide an excellent tourism and educational experience.
PENGUIN TOURS Low Head Penguin Tours offers a unique nature experience to get up close and personal with Little Blue Penguins as they return from the pristine waters of Bass Strait to nest in their burrows.   The tour is fully guided and takes between 1 and 1.5 hours.
SEAL COLONY TOURS Tenth Island is located about 3 kilometres off shore from the Tasmanian mainland. It is approximately one hectare (2 acres) in size and up to 4 metres high. About half of the island is a breeding colony and the rest is a haul out, resulting in a range of age groups amongst the seals.